How To Call Controller In Helper File In Codeigniter

In this tutorial, we will learn how to call controller in helper file inCodeIgniterr and render anywhere, whenever you want to do that.

In CodeIgniter PHP framework we can call controller in helper file and render in app/errors/error_404.php file.

Follow steps below:

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Stored procedure in codeigniter

Steps To Call Stored Procedure In Codeigniter:

The way you call a stored procedure can depend on how you create it. It’s time to discuss three common ways to create and call a stored procedure in CodeIgniter.

1. Create a stored procedure for select operation.

CREATE PROCEDURE Select_first ()
SELECT * FROM table_name;

Now that the Select_first procedure has been created and defined, we can call this procedure at any time in CodeIgniter. In this example, we create a variable, $data, by pointing to the procedure above after loading and initializing the database class in CodeIgniter.

To call this specific procedure within a query:-

       $data = $this->db->query(“CALL Select_first ()”);
       $result = $data->result();

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Mumbai University stops BSc IT course

The University of Mumbai (MU) has decided to close the BSc Information Technology (IT) course that the university’s department of IT runs.

The course was one of the few undergraduate courses offered by the varsity.

The decision, that is said to allow the varsity to focus on PG education and research, has instigated protests who said that it will be a loss for students.

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